October 11, 2019



As we enter the holiday season, we have some tips to help your restaurant finish 2019 with a strong bottom line. 


43% of young restaurant goers want to see more flavor combinations. It’s time to let your Chef’s creativity shine here, with crave-worthy ingredients. Autumn in particular is a great time to mix things up, there are so many warm, flavorful options to keep your menu fresh. The Black Hen and Bar Blue in Blacksburg, Virginia does a stellar job of this. They have brought fall flavor in via delightful squash, pecan, and pumpkin dishes, taking traditional dishes to a whole new level, as well as introducing the unique and the avant-garde. Some fan favorites have included the Pumpkin Croquettes with raspberries, brie, & basil oil, the Poached Pear & Pecan Tart with Malbec poached pears, sablé breton crust, bavarian cream, cinnamon candied pecans, spiced cranberry jelly, and gorgonzola brulée, and the Pork Chop with sage spaetzle, butternut squash, dragon’s tongue beans, golden raisins, & brandied cherry sauce. Set yourself apart and appeal to those foodies – you can get some real traction on social media when you combine good presentation with the delicious and unique. 

-> www.theblackhenrestaurant.com

Lazy Moon Pizza in Orlando, Florida is another great example of creative combinations; though they are renowned for their GIANT and delicious pizzas, they also stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their drink menu. Unique, autumn flavors come to life in their cocktail Daddy’s Coffee, which combines Clyde Mays bourbon with Lineage cold brew coffee, Cynar, and cinnamon simple. In keeping with the season, they also have a fall-worthy selection of beers and ciders, including Magner’s Irish Cider, a semi-sweet Irish cider made with 17 varieties of apples and  a locally brewed pumpkin spice latte milk stout. 


As obesity and illness have reason, consumers are increasingly becoming more health-conscious. Appeal to them, young and old, by offering healthy options. As you plan your healthy menu, include grilled chicken and fish, fruits and vegetables, and of course gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, keto, and paleo options. Be sure to offer lighter cocktails and desserts too. We love the Brickhouse Sports Cafe’s new menu; top ranked neighborhood sports bar in Huntsville, Alabama recently added a vegan roasted garlic dip, complete with vegetable medley and chips. They also offer grilled versions of their specialty wings, as well as grilled chicken and fish options to satisfy their more health-conscious guests. Though they are known for their burgers, their new menu is balanced overall, with splurge-worthy dishes as well as lighter fare. 

-> www.brickhousesportscafe.com 


In case you haven’t heard — BRUNCH is IN! Weekends are for that delightful late morning/early afternoon combination of breakfast, lunch, and cocktails. Though the pancakes, bacon, and mimosas are enough to draw a crowd, broaden your brunch appeal by including those other two tips: creative combinations and healthy options. Bull and Bones in Blacksburg, Virginia and Christiansburg, Virginia has found the sweet spot, with mimosa and Bloody Mary special’s, comfort food favorites like French Toast and Bacon, plus eggs, burgers, salads, and more. 

-> www.bullandbones.com

White Wolf Cafe in Orlando, Florida is another brunch winner; this eclectic, gourmet bistro was recently ranked as the BEST brunch spot in Orlando. The Orlando Sentinel highlighted their syrupy sweet jumbo cinnamon rolls, mimosas, quiches, and breakfast platters, calling them Central Florida’s “hotspot for breakfast – for a good reason.”

-> www.whitewolfcafe.com

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