Client Testimonials

Dakota and DSR’s team helped me open my restaurant a little over 3 years ago. They understand the count down, time restraints and leadership it takes to accomplish that from all stages: building, opening, existing business and how to elevate and define your brand. They have been my TRUSTED partner and we would not be as successful as we are without their support and guidance. They are a REAL class act and a true team player, which is hard to find in the consulting field. Their delivery & response time of valuable instrumental reporting and guidance is second to none.

Fred Thimm, Owner/Operator
Reel Fish Coastal
Reel Fish Coastal

As a young and growing company, outsourcing our accounting needs to DSR was a great decision. She is helpful, organized, and very focused on providing us timely results. Dakota brings a lot of experience and as a result she was able to bring concerns to us at the same time helping create systems to increase efficiency.

Jeff Palermo, Operating Partner
4 Rivers
4 Rivers Smokehouse

DSR Financial has offered great insight into how we look at our business operations and financial strategy. Dakota and her team are professional, knowledgeable, organized, and consistent in approach. Their expertise has in turn given our store operators an additional resource for guidance so that we maintain a consistent approach across all of our locations. We consider DSR to be one of the most valuable members of our team and rely on them daily to help us accomplish the goals set before us.

Tim Brown, Managing Partner
Lazy Moon
Lazy Moon Pizza

DSR’s team changed our trajectory 180 degrees because of their knowledge and partnership in the restaurant industry & because of this partnership we are up over 100% in profitability! The knowledge from strategic planning, budgeting, procurement, marketing & branding, HR and operations gives us complete confidence in the stability of the ever-changing restaurant industry. The attention to detail, fine-tuning and changing our business culture in such a professional manner is Top Notch. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone opening a restaurant, has an existing restaurant running that is just making it or one that has all the pieces but cannot elevate because of the daily tasks as an independent this is exactly the COMPANY you are missing. Johnny’s has been thoroughly impressed since day one; they deliver more than what you ask for. A true partner and resource!

Johnny Mason, President/Owner
Johnnys BBQ
Johnny’s BBQ

Francesco’s works with DSR on everyday financial needs, marketing, operational consulting and reporting. We also have worked on several projects and have found them to be instrumental in helping us create strategies surrounding expansion, menu guidance, management team training and growth & cost efficiencies. DSR remains a trusted consulting partner to Francesco’s due to our excellent experience in working with their talented team.

John Maciewicz, Owner
Francesco's Ristorante

I have worked with DSR on three difference concepts in our development in the Village of Providence over the last 14 years and she has been the stability that this crazy business needs. The controls, accountability and their rolodex of resources to fill all liability gaps show immediate results. Sales are up, costs are down and most important, my customers are happier. DSR is a true partner and an ongoing resource - like the Restaurant Whisperer!

Todd Slyman, Owner
Brickhouse Sports Cafe
Brickhouse Sports Cafe

White Wolf Cafe is a passionate, eccentric and local restaurant for over 30 years. DSR has guided and implemented standards for operations and provided detailed financials to make real time decisions. Accountability and streamlined processes ensure our local brand stays efficient while bringing earnings to the bottom line. We are thankful for our long-term relationship with DSR, professional & personally.

Anne Marie Hennessey, Owner
White Wolf
White Wolf Cafe

Would not have felt comfortable purchasing my last restaurant without DSR’s guidance. They are an invaluable resource, providing solid recommendations and industry insights, having an exceptional ability to read a business, attack the challenges with appropriate resources and deliver results. They are true hospitality!

Jon Coburn, Owner
Black Hen
Black Hen & Blue Bar

Working with the DSR team has been such a pleasure. They are great at helping clients take their businesses to the next level and she brings business efficiencies and processes to her clientes giving them what they need to have successful & profitable restaurants.

Stephanie Wiendl, Regional Vice President

We are so pleased with the operational review of the Berkley Plaza. DSR guided us on the SBA process, providing pro-forma’s, detailed strategies for marketing and growing sales, procurement guidance, controls and risk management for our new venture. They have done a fantastic job our our current concept, Suite 36. Their team is professional, talented with a unique skill set that is almost impossible to find. Having the benefit of their experience and expertise has truly made a difference in improving all aspects of our business.

Dave Casey, Principal
Berkeley Plaza

The entire DSR team treat me and my business as their own. Their council and attention to detail have been invaluable. They provide everything from risk management to CFO-level reporting and support the everyday financial operation that supports our operations team. They have a strong understanding of my business and the need for quick, concise advice and reporting. Dakota and the team are my most valued partner.

Jon Coburn, Owner
Bull and Bones
Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill

I have had the great pleasure to work with Dakota for over 10 years. In our business, we cherish those that listen, ask questions, analyze, and then come to a final decision - and be confident of the process to others in the organization. This allows for relationships to to grow into a true partnership. Dakota’s work ethic - I’ve never met anyone who worked later at night than she does - means that you can be confident that the work is done. These qualities make DSR a great partner for any hospitality firm needing her expertise.

Joe Mowery, Vice President
Hylant Group

I have had the privilege to work with Dakota for over 10 years. Her work ethic, attention to detail and strategic thinking separates her from others in her field. She works with high integrity and is very strategic minded in understanding all aspects of the business.

Billy West, Partner
M.E. Wilson

Our firm has found DSR to be an excellent source for comprehensive tax and accounting services for any small business. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and can wholeheartedly recommend them for all your business’s tax and accounting needs.

Harry Lee Coe, IV, Attorney

The team at DSR is exceptional from response time to follow up. Their financial and insurance expertise helps us strategically plan to maximize our business expenses & benefits.

Eric Sheen, Chief Operating Officer
Restaurant Partners Procurement
Restaurant Partners Procurement

Starting a business can be intimidating, whether it’s developing a concept, creating your business plan or even starting a website. The team at DSR Financial helped my small business by giving me the tools and guidance to get started on the right track. Dakota stood by me every step of the way giving me the confidence, financial advice as well as creative concepts on how to manage operations to help my business grow and become successful. She cares about your business as if it were her own. Thank you, Dakota and Chelsie for all that you do for my business.

Tessa McAuliff, Owner & Creator
Tessa’s Table
Tessa’s Table

I want to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with the operational review of the Berkley Plaza. DSR guided us on the SBA process, providing pro-forma’s, detailed strategies for marketing and growing sales, procurement guidance, controls and risk management fo our new venture. They have done a fantastic job without current concept Suite 36. Dakota is professional and talented with a unique skill set that is almost impossible to find. Having the benefit of her experience and expertise has truly made a difference in improving all aspects of our business.

Dave Case, Principal
Suite 36
Suite 36