Finance Operations Marketing

The restaurant industry can be a very lucrative & exciting industry if you are able to operate your business model efficiently. With high labor, frequent turnover, rising COGS and an industry that’s constantly changing, it’s important to stay relevant and tight within your internal operations. DSR Financial handles & advises on the operations of your business to provide stability through fundamental systems that protect your business, enhance your employees, & secure your bottom line.


  • Payroll Servicing
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Recruiting
  • POS Solutions
  • Business Management
  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Insurance Cost Analysis
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Procurement
  • Job Descriptions
  • Work Flow Management

DSR Financial provides solutions for human resources, employee handbooks, training manuals & job specifications and has partnered with Paylocity to bring our clients top of the line resources regarding payroll processing, scheduling, performance management & digital onboarding with preferred DSR client pricing. Staying in compliance and ensuring you have efficient onboarding & training enables you to attract (and keep) great talent and build strong pipelines of leadership to support your operations and grow your business into a profitable brand.

Restaurant Management

Whether on a consulting basis or full-on management contract, DSR Hospitality works to stabilize and grow your business with top-level resources and business strategies. The framework we implement provides transparency & accountability for your managers to reach benchmarks & make decisions that support your business goals. Through partnership, your strategy and fundamental business practices stay top-level, keeping those resources secure and not subject to loss with management turnover. The consistent & expert administrative services minimize stress, reduce exposure, and give you the confidence that your business is being handled appropriately.

Human Resources

Minimize risk & offer top-level support by partnering with HR services that are the best in the industry. Clients of DSR benefit from streamlined hiring & employee paperwork, payroll services & top of the line technology at exclusive DSR pricing that both promote wellness in the workplace & create a workplace culture that harnesses your greatest asset - your team.


Our strategic partnerships with Buyers Edge and RP Procurement bring over $12 billion of buying power into the hands of our independent operators. These teams specialize in working with multi-unit restaurant chains and other high volume food & beverage companies nationwide and currently represent a network of companies with over 60,000 operator locations. Offering cost effective options, exclusive market data, product sourcing, commodity contracts, master distribution agreements & more - our clients receive access to competitive, price-driven contracts that are exclusive to DSR Financial’s clients.